Work Experience Project (WEP)

The Work Experience Project (WEP) was inherited by Blackpool Carers in 2014 from Progress. The project was offered to the special Schools in Blackpool and Fylde, and Red Marsh and Highfurlong School’s used the service.

The schools support the Work Experience Coordinator to build a relationship with students, to enable them to facilitate work experience placements for their students aged 16-19. This involves finding meaningful, appropriate placements within the community that allow the young people to feel part of the working environment and to develop and fulfil their aspirations.


Park Community Academy Sixth Form (Westbury) joined the project and we currently work with them and Highfurlong School.


The placements are for a few hours a week, for up to 6 weeks and the students have 1:1 support from school.

We have built strong relationships with many local businesses and it is rewarding to see how both the employers, employees and the students develop from the experience.


Mal, the owner of the Grinning Gecko on Highfield Road used to work for the Ormerod Trust so he has knowledge of working with people with other abilities.


Mal said the reason he likes to support this project is because he believes, “It’s important to give people a chance” and having his own business has given him the opportunity to give something back.

A student meeting one of the residents at the Grinning Gecko

A student taking pride in his work at Sandcastle Waterpark